Top Tips to Organise Your Desk

Top Tips to Organise Your Desk

Desk organisation is important if you want a more productive office life. With some organisation, you will know where everything is and be able to get the thing you’re looking for with one reach. It also helps to keep the main part of your desk tidy so you can get on with your work. Here are some tips to help organise your desk.

woman-desk-officeClear Everything from Your Desk Including Your Drawers

Remove everything from your desk, except for the items that are stationary, like your computer. Having a blank canvas is much easier to work with and you can set everything out exactly the way that you want it. Empty your drawers out too so you can work on organising them in a better filing system.

Only Put the Items You Need All Day, Every Day on Your Desk Top

There’s no need to have all your pens and pencils, notepads and photos on your desk top. This just makes the space cluttered and will make your environment less productive. Only have the items that you really need on the top of your desk, such as your computer, a pen and maybe a notepad. Have a small photo of your family or friends to make you smile during the day.

Get Rid of Too Many Photo Frames

Everyone likes to be reminded of their friends and family members but the frames take up space. If you really want multiple photos, invest in a digital photo frame that changes every now and then.

Put the Things You Need Regularly in the Top Drawer

When you have things that you reach for on a regular basis, keep them in your top drawer. This should also have room for your work snacks so you can grab them easily to keep you fuelled for the day. You don’t want anything else in here – there’s no point!


Do You Really Need Everything Else?

Go through the rest of your items and determine whether you really need them. There may be papers that are months old that you never read or documents that could be filed away for safety. Make sure you get rid of all the rubbish – but don’t fill that up with more! Any uncapped pens can be binned. Whatever else you need can be placed in your remaining drawers.

Make Organisation a Routine

It is easy to let this new pattern slide. Make your organisation a routine. At the end of every work day put the items back where you found them and place your paperwork into the filing systems. Don’t leave it for last thing on Friday when all you want to do is go home for the weekend!

Use Wireless Technology Where Possible

If you can, eliminate the cords that clutter up your workspace. Not only do these get in the way, they look untidy and tangle together. It takes time to untangle them and make space for other things on your desk. Wireless technology eliminates all of that quickly.

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