Beautiful Gardens, Terraces and Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful Gardens, Terraces and Outdoor Spaces

A beautifully decorated terrace or garden can be our second living area, if we make it really comfortable and spend time there comfortably. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing garden and terrace designs now.

elegant-garden-woodsElegant garden framed by woods

Just like a fairy tale, a meandering trail crossing the ancient garden. Lush greenery in the cool shade of woods – this modern villa is close to the nature.

The sidewalk made of pieces with grass growing in it makes the scene intimate and less sophisticated.

modern-garden-terraceModern garden and terrace

Modern minimalist outdoor furniture undoubtedly makes your terrace comfortable and luxurious.

The garden is simple-designed: well-kept lawns bordered with stone slabs, and edges of evergreen shrubs are planted among thujas.

kitchenette-terraceKitchenette on the terrace

For huge grill parties it is worth to create a mini-kitchen on our terrace, with professional barbecue and comfortable garden furniture.

Carpets and textiles make the roofed terrace cozier.

outdoor-furnitureOutdoor terrace furniture

Small gardens neither are boring, if they are configured appropriately. The paved terrace with outdoor furniture make your time there comfortable and pleasurable.

Consider a well-kept lawn garden area, surrounded by flowers.

fairy-sidewalkCozy sidewalk

A fairy garden with stone studded pavement sheets, cheerful flower beds and trees. The courtyard leads to the entrance of each charming sidewalk.

The people living here feel like being on vacation. Isn’t it great?

minimal-terraceMinimal terrace

Small terraces can be great, either with family houses or flats. Just make sure it is designed well.

The terrace is tiled, the surrounding walls are painted white Mediterranean style, the length of the terrace gives space to sunken flower beds with concealed lighting. Simple, modern outdoor furniture matches this style.

roofed-terrace-swingRoofed terrace with swing

No need to hide the frame of the covered terrace. They are not only decorative, but also have some benefits if you hang a nice swing on it.

Enjoy the calm closeness of the nature without wind at a place where you can relax after a busy day.

color-flowerpotsColorful flower pots

There is no balcony or terrace, which did not show better with colorful flowerpots, which are giving home to your favorite plants.

Put them on shelves, stairs, window sills or even suspend them!

mediterranean-terraceMediterranean terrace

This Mediterranean-style covered terrace a piece of art. Note the arches, the blue and white finishes, the vibrant sunshine yellow fabrics and the quality furniture!

The curved iron and wicker details and gilt decorations make it really elegant.

eclectic-cornerEclectic corner

This little Asian-influenced eclectic terrace invites for a carefree vacation. Bamboo fence covered with ivy, baldachin-like covering, colorful pillows, brightly colored carpets ensure vibrant atmosphere.

It’s not a regular, modern or restrained – confusion creates a kind of balance!

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