Top Parenting Myths that Are Affecting Your Health

Top Parenting Myths that Are Affecting Your Health

Are you constantly trying to be the perfect mother? Do you know the women who are full time employees or run their own business, have the perfect house and still look after their children all the time? It’s really easy to feel inadequate and think you’re not living up to the ideals of the perfect mother. However, there are some things that you need to know—some parenting myths that are damaging your health.

mother-babyYou Can Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

You will hear all the time that you should sleep when baby sleeps, especially during the first month or so. While it sounds perfect, it isn’t going to happen and you don’t need to beat yourself up about it.

Unless you have the perfect husband who is going to handle all the chores and still be up in the middle of the night with you, it’s okay to get the housework done while the little one is asleep.

new-mother-babyThe First Few Days Aren’t Blissful

You’ll hear it all the time that mothers love the first few days at home with their newborn. It’s true that you get to snuggle on the couch but there are other things happening around you!

It’s not all cuddles. There are raging hormones (the baby blues), people visiting and you will be shattered. Every mum feels like this, so don’t feel useless.

new-mother-baby2The Perfect Mum Doesn’t Make a Mistake

That may be true but there isn’t the “perfect mum” out there. The mistakes may just be behind closed doors.

You will forget about taking a change of clothes or packing enough nappies for the trip out. Accept it; eventually, you will get the hang of being a new mum.

new-mother-baby3The Perfect Mum Doesn’t Worry About Behaviour

Every parent has the same thought when travelling—is their little one annoying everyone around them. You don’t want to give into tantrums but you want to stop the crying quickly before people really hate you, especially on a bus, train or plane.

Stop worrying about what other people are thinking about you and get on with parenting. Most people understand the position you’re in and that you’re trying!

weight-loss-scaleYou’ll Get Back Into Those Pre-Maternity Clothes After the Birth

There’s a myth that you’ll be able to get back into your pre-maternity clothes after the birth. This isn’t the case and you need to stop stressing about it.

It took you nine months to gain the weight and it’s going to take that time to healthily get it off. Stop looking at the celebs who have had babies and focus on your health.

breastfeeding-suckling-mother-babyBreastfeeding Is the Best Way Forward

Yes, breastfeeding is the healthiest for your baby but there is nothing wrong with choosing bottle feeding. It doesn’t make you a bad mother.

There are many reasons why you may need to bottle feed, whether it is health, sanity or for your baby’s health (sometimes breast milk isn’t good for them!)

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