Top 7 Women Who Have Succeeded and Progressed in Their Chosen Careers

Top 7 Women Who Have Succeeded and Progressed in Their Chosen Careers

Do you constantly hear that work is still a man’s world? Are you fed up of hearing about the men who have succeeded and built a business from scratch? Well, here are seven women who have done just that. With some determination and skill, you can be just like them.

jk-rowlingJ.K. Rowling

The first name is one that is famous for the Harry Potter works. She spent years trying to find a publisher to take her works and was rejected more times than many men.

She even went into poverty while trying to create her masterpieces and get them out there. That hard work has paid off.

She is the author of the Harry Potter franchise, which has turned into movies, toys and a theme park! She is now breaking into other areas of writing to continue her success.

Beyonce-KnowlesBeyonce Knowles

Once part of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce Knowles has reached international stardom as a solo artist. She started when she was just a child, with friends who would sing and dance together.

She has been through breakups, arguments and jealous band members to get to where she is today. Even after having her daughter, she shows no sign of stopping with ad and movie deals.

01u/24/arve/g1867/098Coco Chanel

If it wasn’t for Coco Chanel, women would likely still be in the tight and uncomfortable clothes.

Coco managed to get rid of the corsets in fashion and gave women the chance to wear something that they loved. Being born into poverty and being a woman in the late 19th century didn’t stop her.

She brought a man’s style to women’s fashion and was the first to create a jersey for women. She also moved into fragrances; being the first fashion designer to do that.


hillary-clintonHillary Clinton

Some people may disagree with this but she has definitely proven that a woman can do a man’s job.

She stood by her husband, Bill Clinton, when his affair came to light and has managed to push herself up the career ladder; coming second to Barack Obama in the Democrat leadership vote.

She hasn’t stopped either, with becoming the first female president on her list.

Marie-CurieMarie Curie

Marie Curie made science a career choice for women. She also made a breakthrough in cancer treatments with radiotherapy.

She worked day and night to progress in her career, managing to be the first female to become Sorbonne’s Professor of General Physics. She died due to her work – getting leukaemia due to radiation poisoning.


Madonna went from leaving home to try and make it in New York to becoming a household name all over the world.

She hasn’t had it easy and it wasn’t an instant number one.

She’s proven that hard work and determination pays off. She’s been through the bad marriages and had to fight for her children but she has made it and continues to progress.

Rosa-ParksRosa Parks

It’s not quite a career but it was a dream.

Rosa was fed up of giving up her seat and being treated like a second-rate citizen because of her colour.

She chose to stand up to “The Man” and refused to stand or move to the back of the bus.

She did go to prison but it started the civil rights movement that she had longed for.

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