How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

When it comes to having a baby, some women have their heart set on a particular sex. Some women dream of holding a sweet little girl all in pink in their arms and really do not want to just let Mother Nature take its natural course. There are some ways that a woman can get pregnant with the little girl she has always wanted.

Stay Away From Apples:

Apples contain ingredients that are good for the body, but bad for the body if you are trying to have a baby girl.

Apples make the vagina more alkaline, which can kill off the sperm that carry the X chromosome.

Apples also have a lot of potassium in them, which will can also destroy the sperms that create little girls.


Eat More Eggs:

The vagina PH can be more neutral or more acidic. The more acid there is in the vagina, the more likely that the male sperm will be destroyed.

Female sperm are stronger than male, and eating eggs will make the vagina PH more acidic.

Sex Without An Orgasm:

Sex can be a lot of fun, but if a woman wants to have a baby girl than she has to have sex without an orgasm.

An orgasm can release hormones that will cause the vagina PH to become more neutral. A neutral environment will allow the male sperm to thrive.


Try The Missionary Position:

A woman being on top of her partner can be a great way to have a fun time making love, but with that position, gravity is not in a woman’s favor if she is trying to conceive a baby girl.

The old fashioned missionary position is the best one for trying to have a girl because the female sperm are not as good at swimming as the male and this position will female sperm a better chance at penetrating the egg.

Have Sex Two to Three Days Before Ovulation:

Female sperm do not swim as good as male sperm, but they do live longer.

To ensure a woman is going to get pregnant with a girl, then she should have sex two to three days before she ovulates that way the female sperm will live longer and fertilize her egg.


Eat More Chocolate:

According to an old wives tale, eating chocolate will help a woman conceive a girl. Because chocolate is made with milk, it has a lot of calcium.

For a fun, a woman can break out the fondue kit for some tasty chocolate covered strawberries.

Sex On the Full Moon:

Another popular wives tale claims that couples who engage in sex on the night of a full moon will be blessed with a daughter.

According to ancient folklore, the full moon is a mystical time and a woman who has sex when the moon is full is more fertile and prone to conceive a girl.

A nursery room painted pink, and little tiny pink outfits may be a dream come true for some women.

However, to make those pink dreams come true, a woman can try a few things like eating foods that will alter the PH of her vagina to a more acidic environment, and soon a woman will get her pink bundle of joy.

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