Save Money on the Heating This Winter

Save Money on the Heating This Winter

Are you fed up of the winter months being expensive? The summer is almost over and the cold weather is starting to kick in. It means putting on the heating or not being comfortable at all. The problem with using the heating is the cost; it just costs so much now! Here are some tips to help save money on your heating bills this winter.

Price Fix Your Heating

Arrange with your company to fix your prices. This is a great way to keep the bills down and usually happens for a 12 month period. Not all companies will allow it so switch to one that does; just threatening this and starting the process will soon find companies changing their minds!

Find the Cheapest Energy Company

The one you are currently with is not necessarily the cheapest. Take your time to compare all the different energy companies and find the one that costs the least over the year. Watch out for those who are still to announce price rises for the year. When you do switch, try to arrange a price fix for the first 12 months so you definitely do make a saving.

Update Your Heating System

If you haven’t recently, make sure your whole heating system is up to date. This may cost more now but it will save you a lot in the future. You may find that everything needs replacing so it is all up to date but you could find that you have a smaller system that works better, leading to a lower cost! This will also help to improve the energy efficiency of it.


Stop the Warm Air Escaping

Cold air doesn’t get in; warm air gets out! Make sure you seal up the cracks in your windows and doors to stop the air from escaping so you don’t overuse your heating. You may even find that you don’t need it on as much throughout the winter since the house keeps the warmer temperature for longer.

Add Insulation to Your Home

Spend a little extra now on insulation. There are government incentive schemes to make sure this happens without having to spend a lot. You may find that your walls and ceiling need the extra insulation to stop the heat from escaping so you don’t need to use your heating system as much. If you already have insulation, make sure it is perfect for your needs.

Use the Heat from the Kitchen

When you use the tumble dryer or the oven, take advantage of the heat. Keep the oven door open or the door to the kitchen open so the heat gets into the room you are in. It doesn’t work in all cases but definitely means you can scrap the heating to one room!

Use Sweatshirts and Other Warm Clothing

There is no need to put the heating on right away. If you are in shorts and a t-shirt and are warm enough thanks to the heating, you are wasting money. Wrap up warm like they did before central heating!

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