6 Shaving Mistakes You Know You Shouldn’t Make

Shaving is the most popular form of hair removal. But it is also the most annoying form. It takes time, and there is the dreaded shaving rash to put up with. There are certain mistakes that everyone makes that leads to bad skin after shaving. Here are the six you know you’re making but you really need to stop.

Opting for a Dry Shave

You want to save time, so you think you’ll just run the razor over your dry legs. This is a big no-no. You’re more likely to cut your skin, and you will also increase the chance of a rash.

You need to use some type of moisture on your skin to get a good, clean cut that will not lead to ingrown hairs. Shaving cream is the preferred option, but warm water is the second best if you really don’t have time.



Shaving When Cold

When you’re cold, your legs will get goosebumps. This leads to the big problem of a stubbly shave.

You see, you can’t get in that close and you could miss out some of the hairs along the way. Whichever room you are in, make sure the heating is on and keep the legs warm the whole time. Shaving in the bath is a great way to keep the heat on your legs.

Doing It in a Rush

You want to give yourself time. When you’re in a rush, you’re likely to only go over your leg area once, and you will miss a few hairs; depending on the thickness of your hair.

Take your time, and feel for any stray hairs that have hung around. Rushing it will also lead to a higher risk of cutting yourself and a rash afterwards.



Not Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliating is the best way to prep your hairs for removal. You encourage the hairs to leave the body, and promote good growth afterwards to avoid the ingrown hairs.

This will also help you remove all the dead cells so they do not clog in your razor blades. You should also exfoliate afterwards to help remove the hair and excess shaving foam.

Not Moisturising Afterwards

Your skin needs the moisture. If it doesn’t get it, then you will get the shaving rash. You also run the risk of ingrown hairs, which are painful and unsightly.

You can also ease the irritation that you will likely feel after you have remove the hair from your legs. You should moisturise on a daily basis to help promote good looking skin.



Keeping Old Blades

The blades will become blunt over time. This is not good for your routine. You will end up taking longer to get rid of the hairs, and there is more chance of snagging.

You can even find that the blades become rusty, and that can cause issues to your health as well as the look of your skin. Replace your blades on a regular basis, so you get the best shave possible.

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