How Not to Make Your Exercise Boring

Do you find your exercises boring? There are a number of reasons for this. You could be doing something you hate, but you could also not give your brain the distraction or entertainment that it needs. If your exercises remain boring, you’re likely to avoid doing them. But you don’t want that to happen. Here are some tips to stop your exercises getting boring.

Change It Up

Do something different! If you get into the exact same routine, you will start to find it monotonous and unchallenging. It is time to add a new exercise in, or do something a little different for the day.

You could even do your routine backwards to add something different. You may find you have a new appreciation for an exercise that you never did before.

Listen to Music

Put the tracks on while you’re exercising. If you do them at home, play your music loud in the room to get you going.

If you’re at the gym or outside, take your iPod and plug the earphones in. You can even get waterproof systems so you can listen to music while you swim! Listening to music not only distracts your brain by giving you something else to think about, the faster music tricks your body into working harder.

Do Something You Love

Stick to exercises that you love to do. There’s no need to go running if you absolutely hate it. If you prefer interval training over long distance runs, then do that!

By doing something you love, you are more likely to stick to it in the future. You’ll find it entertaining and want to do more. You could even look forward to doing it!

Set Goals to Work Towards

Give yourself something to work towards. When you have the goals, you’re less likely to feel bored.

You know what you need to do and will constantly try to compete against yourself to reach those goals. This doesn’t have to be something like a marathon. You can set personal goals, like swimming 30 lengths within a set amount of time (faster than the last time) or running a 5K in less time than before.

Train With Someone Else

Find someone else to train with. This could be a friend, a partner or even a personal trainer. By getting someone else, you will have someone to talk to (if you can talk!) and be able to discuss your routine afterwards.

Personal trainers are great for giving you that extra push, and will help you change up the exercises when you get bored of them.

Make It a Game

Sometimes the exercises need to be turned into a game. You could create an obstacle course in your back garden, or maybe create a game where you do certain exercises whenever you enter certain rooms.

When you go to the bathroom, you may need to do 10 press ups resting on the sink. When you’re in the living room, you may need to do 20 crunches.

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