Healing Clay For Beautiful Skin

So many of us complain about or skin not being perfect or we just feel that we are looking tired and need something to make us look refreshed. Treating yourself to a facial is something that most women love to do. For those of us who can’t find the time to get a professional facial, a DIY option may be the perfect thing. It can be just as luxurious and relaxing as a day at the spa.

Facial clays have been used worldwide for thousands of years as a beautifying facial mask and is still considered one of the most powerful treatments for cellulite, pimples, acne, skin tightening and blackheads.

Indian Healing Clay is a bentonite or green clay from Death Valley in California where the temperatures reach 134 degrees. The clay is dried in the sun in this high heat for up to six months before it is used for body wraps, cellulite treatments, facials and knee packs among other things.

How Do I Use It?

To use this clay it needs to be mixed with apple cider vinegar or water. When used with the vinegar it becomes a very powerful tightening and detoxifying treatment. The directions for using this product are simple and you will find directions on the jar.

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar or water with the clay until a smooth paste is formed, make sure it is thick enough to adhere to the skin. Slather this on whatever part of your body you have cellulite, usually the thighs and the butt. It does take a while to dry and harden so try and get into a comfortable position! As the clay dries, the skin tightens and feels almost immovable but this means that it is working.

When it has finally dried (can take about 45 minutes to an hour) either fill your tub with comfortably warm water and soak or run a warm shower, be sure the water is not too hot. Take as long as is needed to remove the clay as it can be quite difficult to get off sometimes. Some people find it helpful to use some form of bandaging to turn this treatment into a full body wrap. To do this just use some moistened, well wrung out bandage rolls and wrap the parts of the body that you have covered in the clay.

How Will My Skin Feel Afterwards?

Afterwards the skin will feel soft and toxins will have been eliminated because of the deep pore cleansing that is achieved by using the clay. What makes a girl feel better than soft, silky skin?

This is the type of treatment that you can give yourself at home, but just be sure that you give yourself a couple of hours for it to work and for you to relax and enjoy!

A clay facial could be just the thing for a fun night in with the girls. Why not grab a bottle of bubbly, cheese and crackers, some DVDs and spend the evening at home with your friends.

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