Deal With the Weight Loss Hurdles

Weight loss is on the mind for many. Even with Christmas around the corner, women want to be at a weight that they’re comfortable with. The problem is the hurdles that happen along the way. It could be life just getting busy with no time to think of anything else, or illnesses cause weight gains. Here are some tips for dealing with those weight loss hurdles and moving past them.

Accept That They Will Happen

You need to accept that hurdles will get in the way. Nobody is going to have a perfect weight loss journey.

There will be weeks where there is a gain or the weight won’t quite come off as quickly as expected. If you can’t accept they will happen, you will find that they affect you more and make it harder to lose weight.



Dealing With the Plateaus

One of the biggest issues is weight loss plateaus. These happen to the best of us and occur when someone struggles shift the pounds for three weeks or more. The trick is to focus on other types of weight loss achievements.

They’re not all going to be on the scale. Focus on waist measurements or health achievements to see how far you’ve come.

Fitting Exercise Into the Day

Exercising is a crucial part of weight loss, along with eating right. The trick is to getting it into your day. You may find it a hassle if you work long hours and have a family to look after.

Find exercises that you can do in the space of five minutes or so and focus on ones that you enjoy doing. You could even get the kids involved or find friends to go on walks with you to help you lose the weight.



Friends Sabotaging Diets

Does it feel like there is something stopping your weight loss all around you? Friends often sabotage diets without actually realising. Those that are doing it on purpose can feel impossible to deal with.

The trick is to explaining how important your diet is to you and what you’re hoping to get out of it. Don’t let them stop you from reaching your targets, no matter what time of year it is.

The Birthday Drinks and Christmas Meals

There is always something special coming up. It could be the Christmas parties or drinks to celebrate birthdays. While you want to go out and have fun, you don’t want to gain weight.

Start off by finding the best options on the menu and opting for drinks that are lower in calories, such as spirits instead of wines. After a while, you can work out a pattern for dealing with the situations perfectly.



Stop the Starbucks

Coffee shops are full of delicious drinks but they’re a problem for weight loss.

If you really enjoy going for a coffee with friends, find a shop that has the best dieting drinks and steer your friends that way. You could switch your favourites for soya or skimmed milk versions.

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