Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh in the Winter

The winter really is here, as many states in America will tell you. This is a harsh time of year, leaving the skin chapped and feeling rough. The natural elements are simply unforgiving. This means you need to do everything you can to keep your skin looking beautiful and chap-free, so you are ready for the spring. You can do that with a good winter skin care regime.

Keep Your Skin Care Regime Gentle

Whatever products you decide are best for you, make sure it is gentle. While you want to exfoliate, you don’t want to rub the top layers completely off. It just leads to more breakages in the layers and more rough patches.

Get rid of the rough flannels and just use your hands with the softer products if you must.


Use Products to Add Moisture to the Skin

The harsh winter elements will dry out the skin. It makes it feel painful to touch and move. The best thing you can do is add moisture in any way possible, and though specifically designed products is the easiest way.

Buy creams to use after your skin cleansing regime and look for shower gels with added moisture. You should also have some moisturising cream for afterwards.

Look for Products with Green Tints

The rosy cheek look is common during this time of the year. It’s because the lower layers of your skin start inflaming to protect your body from the cold.

While you can’t do much about that, you can tone the red down. Fight against it with greens. There are a range of products that have green tints to apply to your face.


Use Hydrating Skin Masks

If you can’t bring yourself to exfoliate—it can be harsh this time of year—focus on hydrating your skin to help get the natural glow.

Hydrating skin masks are excellent for this use. The top layers will reflect the little light available, and you will look like you have a summer glow.

Have Hand Cream Wherever You Go

Your hands will suffer the most during the winter. The skin dries out due to alcohol gel and soap when washing them. Make sure you always have some hand cream with you.

It will make your skin feel softer and will take away some of the pain that you feel from cracked hands. Try applying the cream before putting on rubber gloves to do the washing up. Your hands get a deep treatment with the heat of the water.


Look for Hydrating Shower Gel

The back is commonly neglected because you can’t reach it. The best way to get to this area is while you are showering. Water isn’t enough. Look out for some shower gel with hydrating properties.

Just a few oils will work the trick, and you will stop the winter itch that is common due to dry skin. Sunflower seed oil is a great option because it will still be there after you’ve washed.

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