New ChapStick Innovation Makes You Kissable For 8 Hours

Are you always suffering from dry lips? Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan is here with some Lip Tips. Alex Morgan spends a lot of time out on the soccer field, and knows a thing or two about lip care.

It’s obvious that cold and windy weather or a dry-aired office takes its toll on your lips. But did you know that salty popcorn dries out your lips as well? Or that biting your lips tears up vital layers of skin?

Aside from drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding dry colds and purchasing a humidifier, you can have a really powerful weapon against dry lips in your handbag! Alex demonstrates some crucial lip care tips to keep lips hydrated and smooth, including using ChapStick Hydration Lock in this new video series.

The Secret of Hydration Lock Formula

ChapStick’s new innovation, Hydration Lock moisturizer keeps lips moist for a full eight hours with antioxidant CoQ10, healing Vitamin E, and a natural botanical extract known to help revitalize skin. Not to mention ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Spheres. These key ingredients lock in your lips’ natural hydration and draw in moisture from the air.

Advanced moisturization revitalizes and visibly improves the appearance of lips – the lightweight feel is great to use as a base of your favorite lipgloss or lipstick! The clinically tested formula creates a soft barrier on your lips that traps existing moisture. It protects against free radicals and maintains skin health. And do you know what is smells like? Well, unless you are not against delicious Vanilla Créme, you won’t have a problem.

If you are looking for more pampering alternative, ChapStick Blue is the ideal choice for you. ChapStick Blue has more than ten moisturizer ingredients, with Aloe Vera among them.

More Than a Century of Scientific Experience

Don’t forget that the ChapStick trademark is one of the world’s first lip balms – it is manufactured since the early 1880s! There are a hundred of variants to prevent and protect chapped, cracked, chafed or windburned lips. Alex proves that you can discover instant moisturing with Hydration Lock that lasts longer than ever! From now on, your lip balm does a 9 to 5 job!

Be sure to follow these tips, and check out for more info.

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