Skin pigmentation problems affect many people. It is mostly people with darker skin but nobody is immune. There are rumours that Michael Jackson suffered from the problems, which is why he decided to bleach his skin. The good news is you don’t have to opt for something that drastic. There are some natural methods to help remove the problem.

Find Out Why the Problems Happen

There are many reasons for your pigmentation to change. While some is genetics, it could also be due to medication you’re taking or your current lifestyle. It could even be linked to your diet.

Find out why you’re dealing with this and cut out anything you’ve changed recently (if the issue is recent). You may find that your skin goes back to normal relatively quickly.


Use Milk, Honey and Curd

Mix the three ingredients together and apply it to your skin. They stick to the skin and will then peel off.

Over time, this will peel off the layers of skin that have been affected. This is extremely effective for hyperpigmentation (where dark patches appear on the skin).

Lighten Your Skin with Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Lemons, tomatoes and oranges all have one thing in common: they’re acidic. Apply the juices to your skin and they will lighten it.

This is a natural way to lighten the dark patches that are appearing and can even help to lighten your natural skin colour, so the lighter patches (if that’s what you’re suffering from) will blend in more. Skin from potatoes and cucumbers will also help.


Make Your Own Facemasks

Create facemasks with oatmeal, orange peel or sandalwood. All are great ingredients for working on pigmentation, especially when it is over-pigmented.

Oatmeal facemasks are also generally beneficial for softening the skin and making it look beautiful, regardless of any pigmentation problems. You could have glowing skin all year round without spending a fortune!

Massage Vitamin E into Your Skin

Vitamin E is great for repairing the cells, especially in the skin. You can buy creams that have vitamin E in them, which can then be massaged into the affected areas of your skin.

Try to make sure you eat foods that are high in vitamin E to also help with the problems. Take care of your pigmented skin more as it is more fragile.


Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol

Both of these are bad for you anyway, so are worth cutting back on and stopping completely.

They make pigmentation problems worth, whether due to a certain ingredient or because the problems are genetic. Cut back or quit completely and you will soon find that your skin looks better.

Olive and Almond Oil

Both almond and olive oil are great for repairing the skin. You should also use them with Aloe Vera, which is extremely effective in healing and looking after the skin.

They work on both hyper- and hypopgimentation (where the white patches form on darker skin). You can use these as much as you like as they are safe for the body.

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