Simple Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Aging Process

Many women fear aging and it’s society’s fault. Getting older should be something to celebrate since you get wiser and more mature with your years! However, it isn’t and you may be looking for ways to avoid that dreaded aging process and these tips can help.

Have a Healthy Diet

Aging isn’t just about the way your skin looks; it’s also about how you feel. A healthy diet is perfect for that.

Getting the right nutrients will keep your bones healthy, keep the blood pumping around your system and help you fight off illnesses and infections.

Get plenty of fruit and vegetables as these are full of nutritious goodness.


Moisturise Your Skin Daily

Get into a habit of a daily beauty routine. This should involve cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating.

If you want a quick one, make sure you moisturise on a daily basis. Your skin needs water to keep it elasticised and avoid stretch marks and age spots.

Moisturising on a daily basis aids with that and will give you the opportunity to massage your skin; pumping the blood better will also help with aging.

Wear Sunscreen After 15 Minutes in the Sun Per Day

The sun’s UV rays are harmful and make the skin look older than it is. It dries it out and causes age spots and cancer.

However, the sun is also full of vitamin D, which your body needs for healthy bones and to help absorb calcium.

Spend 15 minutes out in the sun without protection and then make sure you wear sunscreen!


Sleep Six to Eight Hours a Night


Find the amount of sleep that works for you. Some people survive on as little as four hours a night but the recommended amount is between six and eight (usually closer to the eight hour mark).

This isn’t possible every day but really focus on getting enough sleep. It helps your immune system work, will boost your brain and memory power and allows your body to relax after a long day.

Don’t Smoke, Drink or Do Drugs

Cut out all the unhealthy stuff like smoking and drinking now. They may seem “cool” and sociable but they’re causing you to age quickly.

Smoking is bad for your healthy as well as the aging process and is linked to lung cancer.

Alcohol causes problems with the living (although the odd glass of red wine has been proven good) and drugs…well, there’s a reason they’re illegal!


Eat Fish Twice a Week

If you don’t want to eat meat, fine, but consider fish twice a week. Look for the oily ones that are full of Omega-3.

They help to boost your brain power so you don’t feel as old as your age may tell you!

Do Exercise on a Daily Basis

Exercise is great for your health. Improve your heart and lung health with cardiovascular training (running, swimming, etc.).

Improve your muscles and bone structure with weight training. Mixed together you will have toner muscles, weigh less and feel great!

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