Tips for Taking Beauty Products on Holiday with You

It’s been recorded that around £11.5 million is lost on beauty products at airports. This isn’t because people misplace them but have to give them up going through the security checks. There is still a major crackdown on liquids and many beauty products are classed as liquids. Here are a few tips to avoid yours getting confiscated.

Pack in Advance

One of the biggest issues is last minute packing.

Many women claim that they simply forgot that the makeup was in their handbag because they are used to it being there or they’re packing in a rush and simply don’t think.

Pack in advance and remember the rules for the flights. You’re only allowed 100mls of liquid (and that includes may baby creams!).

Transfer Things into Travel Containers

If you need to take something on the flight with you, place it into travel or sample containers. These are small enough for your needs.

You cannot simply place 100ml into a bigger container as it will still be confiscated by airport security.

Only take the things that you will really need, such as medical creams or baby creams.

Place Everything into the Luggage for the Hold

Make sure all your beauty products are placed in the hold. You don’t need to take anything on the plane with you.

If you want to look good for when you land, opt for a few solid product, such as an eyeliner pencil or a small eye shadow.

Lip gloss and balm are also considered liquids, so think carefully about them!

Do You Really Need to Take Everything?

You may love your beauty products but really question whether you need to take everything with you.

You could take a smaller tub of moisturiser for a week away instead of that large one you have in the house for the long term.

You don’t want to take up too much space in your suitcase, after all!

Get Rid of the Tweezers and Nail Files

You cannot take metal nail files and tweezers on the flight with you; no matter how much you want to sort out your eyebrows and nails while on the flight.

If you really want to take something for your nails, invest in wooden emery boards.

The nail files can be used as weapons; even if you’re not planning on doing something like that.

Buy Sunscreen at the Airport or Overseas

You may want to take sunscreen on the plane with you, especially for children, but you won’t be able to take a bottle through security.

If you don’t want to put it in your hold luggage, buy a bottle at the airport.

You could always look for the smaller bottles at the airport and have a larger one with you in the suitcase.

What About Your Medications?

If you need to have medications on a flight, you will need to have a doctor’s note. Make sure you get this in time for your trip.

You should also ring the airline to find out how to go about this before you get there.

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