6 Tips to Break That Habit

Everyone has habits that they want to break. The problem is that a habit is rooted deep within people, and it is not going to end overnight. Your subconscious wants you to keep doing it because it becomes part of your routine. You need to focus on these six tips that will help you break that habit forever.

Surround Yourself With “No” People

The worst thing you can do is have “yes” people around you. These are people who give into your whims, and let you give into the cravings. The “no” people in your life will stop you, and support you when times are hard.

The latter are the type of people you need around you right now. These are the people who will stop you in the tracks of continuing with an unhealthy habit.

Persevere With This Path

It isn’t going to be easy. Anything in life that was worth it hasn’t been easy, has it? It’s important to persevere during this period.

You will have bad days, but don’t let them help you destroy all the hard work you have done before. This is why surrounding yourself with the right type of people will help. They are there to help you keep going.

Know Your Triggers

What triggers you to following your normal habits? If you’re trying to lose weight, what triggers you to comfort eat? If you’re struggling financially, what makes you spend more money?

By knowing your triggers, you will be able to cut them out of your life. That reduces the chances of giving into your habits at a later date, and you will feel proud that you have dealt with a negative influence in your life.

One Habit at a Time

You will not be able to break all your bad habits at once. If you’re trying to lose weight and give up smoking, you will feel stressed trying to do them both.

Focus on one of them, and the second one is more likely to fall into place. In fact, once you manage one of them, you will realise that the second is much easier than you anticipated.

Set Realistic Goals Along the Way

Don’t just focus on the end. It’s best to set goals along the way. If you want to lose five stone, why not set goals for losing half a stone every month or so.

This comes across as more realistic and you give yourself something to celebrate along the way. You’re more likely to stick to your plan as you see yourself working towards that end goal.

Celebrate Reaching Goals

Celebrating when you reach each goal is something that you need to do. This helps you acknowledge that you are giving up your habits, and new habits are being set in place.

You will reduce the chances of giving up entirely, because you remember how good it felt to celebrate reaching that goal. You want to work towards the next one to be able to celebrate that.

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