Treating Your Dry Skin Easily

Do you have terribly dry skin? It’s an annoying condition and makes you look and feel awful. However, did you know that it is a relatively easy condition to treat? With just some TLC, you could have your skin back to feeling silky smooth in days. Here are some tips to treat your dry skin quickly and easily.

Don’t Stop Exfoliating

You need to keep exfoliating, even when your skin is dry. The exfoliating isn’t taking the layer of skin off or doing any damage. It is removing the dead layers of cells to promote the healthy one and allow the pores to open. Opening the pores is good, because it can help with the production of oils in the skin.

Pick the Right Products for Your Skin

Look for products that are designed for dry skin. These will help to add oils back into the skin, while encouraging the body to produce its own natural oils.

If you get products for oily skin, you will find that the skin is further stripped of the natural oils, so it becomes drier.

Once you get the right product type, you will then need to find the brands and makes that suit your skin needs. This can take some trial and error but is more than worth doing.

Moisturise the Skin

Add some moisture to the skin for it to absorb. Moisturising creams are the best option, but you could also consider sun screen with moisturising elements.

Don’t worry about using too much. Your skin will absorb it all—so the more the better. As you feel your skin drying out, apply more of the moisturising cream onto it.

Don’t Opt for Hot Water

When getting a shower and washing your face, opt for lukewarm water. Hot water just dries the skin out further and will make your body and face feel worse. On the other hand, you don’t want the water to be too cold because it won’t clean the face enough and will cause the skin to feel rough and damaged. It can take a while to find a level that works for you but is worth doing.

Eat the Right Foods

Like with everything in life, the food you eat can affect your dry skin. If you get the right nutrients, your skin will keep its moisture and will naturally glow.

You promote the product of oils, which also helps with keeping the skin soft and beautiful throughout the day.

Drink Plenty of Water

Focus on getting at least eight glasses of water per day. Applying moisturising cream isn’t enough to add moisture to the skin.

Drinking water will also help to ensure the whole body remains healthy and aids with nutrient absorption.

Watch Out for Makeup

Your makeup could cause your skin to dry out, so check the ingredients. It may be worth trying a few weeks without makeup as much as possible; just apply a little tinted moisturiser and some mascara if you really must.

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