Why You Shouldn’t Get Back With Your Ex

There are so many articles online about how to get back with your ex-boyfriend, but did you know that it may not be the best idea? There are so many reasons not to get back with him, even if it does really hurt right now. Sure you miss him, but that dwindles to nostalgia and here are the main reasons why you should let that happen.

He Didn’t Treat You Right

Think back over he relationship and consider how he treated you. Do you wish that he treated you better—did you try to get him to do that but found that he rarely listened? If he didn’t treat you right to start with and you spoke to him about it, that isn’t going to change when you get back together.

If you didn’t speak to him, you may want to give it another shot but make it clear that this needs to change.

It’s Just a Weak Moment

If you did the breaking up, you may have a weak moment when he wants to get back with you. You start to think that you are better together, but then regret that decision a few days, weeks or months later.

Don’t let your weak moments change this decision. There is a reason you ended the relationship—think about that and remain strong.

You Feel Sorry for Him

This is similar to the weak moment. He’s coming back with his tail between his legs and wants to get back with you. You see those sad, puppy dog eyes and want to get back with him.

However, it’s likely that you just feel sorry for him. It’s that weak moment all over again. But you’ll resent the relationship—and him—if you do give into this feeling.

You Just Don’t Like the Idea of Being Single

Do you hate that thought that you’re now single? You may get back with your ex just because of that, but it isn’t good for the relationship.

You will still have the same problems, and you will start to resent each other. It something that many younger couples are guilty of doing more than older ones though.

For the Sake of the Children

You’re getting back with your ex because of the children. This isn’t necessarily a good reason. You will continue to argue or will not be able to give them the stable home that they need.

Children are more intuitive than you may initially believe. They will know that something is wrong and it can be worse for their development than you both splitting up.

His Prospects Look Good

You suddenly realise that his future prospects, especially career ones, look good and you want to be part of that. Getting back with him for that is not something you should do. You’re not doing it for him; you’re doing it for the prestige of his career and it will cause issues later. Do you really love him or do you love the money he could be bringing in?

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