Best Hair Care Tips Bloggers Shared With Us

Searching on the Internet for really smart hair tips by fashion and beauty bloggers is quite a demanding task, because bloggers sometimes are copying and repeating each other, sharing similar pools of information. Nevertheless, with a little patience, you will find real treasures such as those we picked today.


Blogger Peony Lim explains that her elegantly tousled locks happen when she sprays them with a shine serum and treats them with professional-level products. She styles her hair every 2-3 days, never on a daily basis.

She uses the cold setting of her blowdryer and a large flat brush to smooth out flyaways and other textural imperfections. To curl it up she lets her heated hair to cool for 10 minutes before she brushes them off to tame its curviness.

1Peony Lim Long Hairstyle Blogger


Claire Sulmers from advices us to smooth out our baby hair with a light hold styling product and a soft toothbrush. She also moisturises her scalp and hair with a home-made mix of rosemary oil, olive oil and water, and when in a hurry, she braids her hair by night and combs it through early in the morning for a slight wave.

Claire Sulmers Curly Afro Hairstyle


Leandra Medine from encourages us to use our ‘pinky’ to style our hair in three ways. With this little finger we can grab and secure a longer length flyaway well into an already done top knot.

We can also selectively pull hair behind our ears when left out of our ponytail, and finally we can swoop a small strand from mid-forehead length to behind our ear, letting loose a few other tiny strands to frame our face in bohemian nonchalance!



Mimi and Leyla from explain as how to properly hold and use our bobby pins, saying that their wavy part should be placed downwards, facing our hair, to achieve better grip.

They also teach us how to create the so-called heatless waves, by wrapping and folding our half-wet strands around thick magazine paper stripes that we self-tie at the ends, and wait for them to airdry in an hour or so. It’s quite impressive because once you unwrap them, great spirals have been created without any damage from high temperature devices!

mimi and leila waves homemade haircare


Shea Marie from who is a real globetrotter explains that she always washes her hair right before every flight and she makes sure that it is tied into a low braid or ponytail so that there is no messy effect while she is sleeping. Even if the braid becomes a little dishevelled, the look is still polished and chic.



Grasie Mercedes from swears by the alternative use of the simple cotton T-shirt instead of the towel. It’s softer and gentler to your hair, helping you minimise unnecessary friction and breakage.

She also insists on wrapping her deeply conditioned wet hair with a plastic bag and a thick scarf to help the ingredients of the mask get sufficiently activated.


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