Bloggers Show Their Way To Natural Hair

Those amazing ladies in the blogosphere taught us lately how to celebrate our natural hair texture, as such an approach is a really hot trend right now. Some of you have naturally curly hair, while others super sleek and straight. Not even a touch of brush can be necessary in your mission to amplify the look.

We no longer need to torture our hair using the curl or flat iron and we rarely must spend our precious time brushing endlessly our wild mane. Hair has its own rules and we can achieve chic effortlessness by following them!


The two girls behind the impressively successful blog were not always popular for their ‘big hair’. They looked edgy, quirky, and quite distant from the conventional definition of beauty.

Today, twins Cipriana and Nikisha are making waves across the Internet and social media with their volumey, cool, and sculptural hairstyles. People appreciate their originality and pureness!

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