Let Your Hair Natural Texture Rule

You can’t imagine how interesting your natural texture is, because you regularly happen to squeeze it in between a flat iron’s ceramic blades or a curling-iron’s clip. Frequent styling is your way to hide the most authentic part of your looks, one that defines you equally to your eye colour and skin tone.

Curly or straight, your original hair type can shine bright without being altered. All you need is to enhance it through proper hair care, a trend that right now is taking the fashion scene by storm! Let’s see how you can achieve enviable natural manes and who is rocking the look right now!

Naturally Curly Hairstyle Loosing

Brit Morin

Hair Care

You hair should always be sufficiently nourished and moisturized without being loaded with heavy, thick and oily hair care or sticky, strong-hold styling products. Every shampoo you are using should be complemented with conditioner or hair mask for your own hair type. Treatment can span its beneficial effects throughout the day, when you are using leave-in conditioners or you embark on nutritive oil touch-ups, whenever necessary.

You need to treat your split ends with a specialist serum and then let your hair air dry, avoiding heated styling devices such the heated brush, the curling wand, and the dryer. High temperatures are disastrous and no matter which technology they are employing, or which heat protectant you are applying in advance, such devices should only be used sparingly.

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