Matching your Hair to the Right Styling Products

You thought that only hair care is assigned to people according to their hair type. Yet styling is hair type-specific too, aiming to enhance or alter your natural hair texture and style. As a general rule, solid products are mostly for short hair, light creams and thick liquids are for mid-length hair, and liquid ones (spray or other) are for longer manes.

You can’t go through Rapunzel lengths with a waxy product and you can’t create a desirably pixie edginess with hairspray only! But there are other specifications we would love to share with you!

Oily Hair

Your products should not be greasy or thick; instead they should minimise natural greasiness at the roots without dehydrating the ends. Avoid pomades, creams, waxes, and most importantly oils, yet opt for lightweight lotions, mists and sprays.

Apply dry shampoo only to your roots to absorb excess natural oil and brush the product through for more volume and a clean effect. At the same time, take advantage of your natural slickness, styling an amazingly shiny low ponytail with centre part, like the one Kim Kardashian sports all the time.

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