Those amazing ladies in the blogosphere taught us lately how to celebrate our natural hair texture, as such an approach is a really hot trend right now. Some of you have naturally curly hair, while others super sleek and straight. Not even a touch of brush can be necessary inRead More →

You can’t imagine how interesting your natural texture is, because you regularly happen to squeeze it in between a flat iron’s ceramic blades or a curling-iron’s clip. Frequent styling is your way to hide the most authentic part of your looks, one that defines you equally to your eye colour andRead More →

We are still in the mood for 70s, both fashion- and beauty-wise. This bohemian flair maintains an allure that transcends time. During that decade many things changed and many big names appeared. The look was even more powerful than that of the ‘Roaring 60s’ in England, and such liberating atmosphereRead More →