Common Hair Myths Debunked – And Those That Are True!

There are a lot of tales about hair. Stress makes it fall out, washing it every day is bad for you and it is possible to fix your split ends. Many of these are actually old wives’ tales with absolutely no scientific backing. Before you start following a myth to care for your hair, here are some of the popular tales – and those that are true!

Plucking a Grey Hair Means Two or Three Appear in Its Place

Grey hair is a sign that you are aging. It is a normal process but that doesn’t mean you want it to happen.

Instead of letting your grey hair get you down, you may decide to pluck that one strand out. Ever heard that two or three will just take its place? This is completely false.

Your genes will determine when the hair will turn grey not whether you pluck it or not! Your hair can’t send a message to the bits that haven’t grown yet!



Your Hair Can Withstand a Ton of Weight (About)!

This is another false one but it may surprise you to hear that your hair can withstand up to 12 tons!

This is only if your hair is healthy though. The hair is made of a protein called keratin and the hair shaft is like a chain of interlocking ropes.

However, that doesn’t mean your scalp can withstand the 12 tons!

You Can Mend Split Ends with the Right Product

Split ends are a common problem for women. Some suffer from them more than others but if you look closely you will see one or two.

There is a common belief that finding the right product will fix the split ends but that isn’t true.

Once the ends have split, that’s it – the only way to fix them is to have your hair trimmed!



Your Hair Will Grow Faster once Trimmed

Another false tale – your hair actually grows about half an inch per month.

The reason this myth seems true is because when short hair grows, it seems to happen much quicker than when longer hair grows. It is a trick to the eye but not real life.

Your Hair Falls Out If You Wash It Every Day

While washing your hair every day will do some damage, it doesn’t make the hair fall out quickly.

You will still lose about 100 strands on a daily basis, washed or not. The difference is that you can accidentally pull the strands out if you are tangled in knots while washing.



Stress Causes Your Hair to Fall Out

Yes, this one is true. Stress does terrible things to the body and the hair falling out is one of them.

It stops the growing cycle in its tracks and can cause the body to shed hair instead. Stress also changes the hormone levels, which can lead to hair loss.

The best thing to do is keep your stress levels under control!

The Ancient Greeks Used Hair Dye

Yes, really! They used a mixture of water, lead oxide and slaked lime to make their hair darker.

A similar recipes is used in today’s hair dye market too!

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