When Hair Accessories Stand Out

There aren’t that many girls out there sporting eye-catching headpieces by designers such as Piers Atkinson, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Maison Michel, and the likes, so we just leave this habit to the ardent fashionistas and fashion mavens, especially the bloggers. A rather distinctive hair accessory has to mix well with the rest of the outfit as well as your hairstyle.

Some pieces are regarded to be costumey while others look great only with certain face shapes in the same way sunglasses do. Let’s see those bloggers that really nail it, every now and then, with unconventional choices that give credit to the boldness of some stand-out design talents!

Hair Accessory Peony Lim Blogger

Paris in Four Months


Blogger Peony Lim from PeonyLim.com is rocking the most outrageous and unexpected headpieces with theatrical grace and great sense of style. A connoisseur of art and fashion and graduate of University of the Arts London, Peony mixes colours and shapes with a miraculous efficiency, creating meaningful head-to-toe looks.

She loves all kinds of hats but elevates it even more to the world of intricate headpieces decorated with veils, feathers, flowers and dazzling elements. You can spot her wearing lace-decorated bunny ears, beaded nets, oversized tulle bows, exotic satin flowers, tiaras, pirate’s headscarves, mouse-eared beanies, fur hats and an array of memorable headgear, all with the same charm and balance between edginess and sophistication.

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