Style Your Hair Based on Your Neckline

Each neckline style corresponds to one or more matching hairstyles. The ideal combo is perfectly balanced and flattering to you. The two main elements in your look should not compete or overshadow each other. Instead, they must fit your features and physique, stress your uniqueness and elevate your silhouette to levels of highest sophistication.

Looking fabulous is always a game of numbers and proportions. Whether you pick dress or hairstyle first, make sure that in the end they get along with each other. With our guidance, your respective sessions at the salon and fitting room will be a dream!

The Updo

Tying your hair up into a top-knot, a chignon or even a high ponytail is a versatile choice that mixes well with any kind of neckline. The low bun looks stunning with spaghetti straps or a square neckline.

The lately popular deconstructed chignon has movement and grace of its own, complementing an elaborate or minimalist neckline equally, letting it stand out on its own. It visually elongates your neck and makes you look taller.

Even when your neck is completely covered with fabric, and possibly embellished, a slicked-back ballerina chignon will draw all the attention on the exquisite design of your dress or top, as well as your facial features. A high-cut neckline calls for a simple and sleek hairstyle, cleaning up any details around. The focus is on you!

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