Each neckline style corresponds to one or more matching hairstyles. The ideal combo is perfectly balanced and flattering to you. The two main elements in your look should not compete or overshadow each other. Instead, they must fit your features and physique, stress your uniqueness and elevate your silhouette toRead More →

Once upon a time (i.e. the ’90s) the only teen move a girl watch was the Alicia Silverstone classic, ‘Clueless’ where rich, yet sweet, high school student Cher, tries to boost the popularity of new pupil Tai, played by a young Brittany Murphy. But, things all changed in 2004 whenRead More →

Want some style icons to help you inspire your next wardrobe purchase, or your next look? If so, we have gathered four of the top classic (as well as contemporary) style icons that you can base your next look around. Are you a rocker, a classy lady, a fun girl,Read More →

Shopping secondhand, whether at a boutique or thrift shop, can be a fantastic way to save money on clothing, furniture, accessories, household items, gifts, and more. However, there is a formula that can help you to do a much better job at shopping secondhand, especially if you are shopping forRead More →

You want the best for your children but they all develop differently. Self-esteem can be a major problem when it comes to socialising and doing their best and it happens for all types of reasons. The good news is your child doesn’t have to suffer alone. There are some thingsRead More →

It’s not a nasty word nor is it deplorable; it’s actually a fun sexy word; cleavage. Showing to much at the wrong time or too little at the right time can result in the same consequence. There is a time and place for everything and there is a time andRead More →