Urban Hair Trends for Busy Multitaskers

Your busy, frantic schedule doesn’t allow you but a few minutes in front of the mirror. You can’t drastically change your hair texture or practice complicated braided hairstyles. All you are allowed to do is faking excellence and reinventing the looks of a modern woman juggling all sorts of activities and wishing to remain put-together throughout the day!

Edgy and minimalist hairstyles, as well as those that evolve organically from small improvements on your hair type, are fast and fuzz-free. Accessories and styling products can create charming illusions, such as boosting volume, enhancing sleekness or directing attention to your face. Would you like to try a few?

Wet Look

Messy or sleek, it stands at the forefront of an urban nomad’s style choices, combined with lots of leather, sporty details and mannish shoes. In its most polished version, it can also complement Hollywood glam eveningwear or a woman’s corporate wardrobe.

You have seen it launched at Alexander Wang AW15, with wet flyaways fencing a makeup-free face. It’s Kendall Jenner’s go-to choice and one that will take you from the gym to the office and from there to a fancy party!

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