Why Tutorials Make Your Hair Shine Bright

YouTube tutorials focusing on beauty have taken us by storm, with star vloggers making thousands and millions of followers along the way. With a bit of critical mind, such ‘how to’ videos can be precious, offering you detailed and visually appealing guidelines on things you can DIY or do the easier way.

Trusting the established talents in the field and cross-checking information, you can gradually acquire knowledge that experts rarely share. A tutorial is a great asset in improving your understanding on certain techniques in terms of hair care, styling, colouring, and instant transformation!

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg Zoella Brondie



Zoe Elizabeth Sugg from Zoella.co.uk is a multi-awarded vlogger and social media superstar, offering fun educational beauty tutorials with simple guidelines to follow. In her own blog, she maintains a separate section for hair care and style topics that link to a video explaining the process through audio and written instructions.

While watching these videos, feel free to pause and repeat parts you didn’t grasp at first hearing. A single viewing is never enough. Keep notes, because Zoe suggests the right types of products along the way and titbits from her daily life to make her videos even more engaging.

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