Your Go-To Guide to a Fashionable Ponytail!

Did you hear the news? Ponytails in all versions and effects are a major trend this season. Fashionistas, bloggers and models are crazy about them! They are all artfully made to exude a great degree of sophistication and a modern vibe. Some of the looks are graphic and minimalist while others are more natural and organic in execution. They are secured with fancy bands and pins, or styled to hide any sort of support. There is a mystery behind the most fabulous ponytails appearing on the AW15 catwalks. It’s hard to construct and deconstruct them and they definitely need a talented hand and a keen eye involved in the process!

Prada Hair Ponytail - Bejeweled High PonytailBejeweled High Ponytail

It’s a clean-cut perfection, such as that one seen at the Prada show. The rule here is to achieve the sleekest possible straight hair and fix it with products that offer extra shine.

Your ponytail should be tied up at the crown of your head with a sheer elastic band and should be slightly teased to acquire some volume. Then, you need to secure it halfway with invisible pins and decorate it with a single stunning hair jewel.

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