Know the Reasons of Hair Loss and Its Solution

Hair Loss is the common problem that most of the women face in the present scenario. There are numerous factors that can lead to hair loss and therefore, to treat the problem it is important to understand the cause of it. You need to follow a healthy diet and do the proper exercises so that you can re-grow the hair in three to six months.

How the hair Grows

Hair grows from the follicle that is found under the scalp. These follicles are responsible for supplying the oxygen and help the hair get proper nutrients which are known as bulb.

This ultimately stimulates the hair growth. Each hair grows for about three years and this is known as the resting phase. After this phase, the next hair again starts to grow out of the follicle and it pushes the original hair out.


Why the hair falls out frequently

There are two hormones that affect the hair: oestrogen and testosterone. If the ratios are unbalanced then the problem occurs. Oestrogen is found to improve women’s hair and helps in faster growth of the hair which stays on the scalp for a longer period of time.

Higher oestrogen level can be the reason of hair growth and once she is pregnant the oestrogen level returns back to the normal level.

Who suffers from hair loss?

Young women are faced with the problem like disorders of the ovaries, pituitary, liver, thyroid; adrenal glands may experience hair loss. Women during the time of post menopause, the level of oestrogen starts to drop which can ultimately affect your hair.


Different types of imbalances occurring

There are three types of imbalances occurs in a woman’s body which causes hair loss. Firstly chemical imbalances when contains too much of a particular chemical then she can suffer from the hair loss. In case, the sebum is too much in the hair then it can make the hair oily and if it is not secreted by the sebaceous gland then the hair becomes too dry and brittle.

Physical imbalances are basically related to the maintenance and the styling technique that you are adopting. You should choose a high quality comb and brush and also adopt good quality shampoos. Mental imbalance means the level of stress that you are handling daily. There are different remedies available through which you can treat the hair loss.

Minoxidil can be an effective Solution

You can start incorporating it into your life. It is one of the important things that you can adopt as it is the only FDA approved ingredient found in the market which can contribute in the hair growth. Minoxidil is a topical gel that can be applied on the scalp and leave the gel until it gets dry all over the scalp.


Consuming important herbs and Vitamins

Supplements can certainly treat your hair. There are many things when the hair loss occurs due to lack of essential vitamins available in your body. Vitamin B6 and Biotin can improve your hair growth and you can add to your lifestyle. Para-Amino Acids can also treat wrinkle skin and help to prevent the hair loss.

Cosmetic surgery

There are different hair loss treatments now available in the market. You can opt for hair transplant and can fill the gaps in the scalp. With the cosmetic surgery you can certainly gain the hair and can prevent further hair loss. Though, it is said that surgeries have certain side-effects and it should be considered as the ultimate solutions.

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