Don’t you just hate damaged hair? It feels straw-like and can be really difficult to style. The good news is that you can help to protect your hair. There are steps that you can take to make sure it gets all the right nutrients and keeps its sleek appearance.

Know Your Hair Type

Really know your hair type. That’s the first step to protecting your hair and the most important one. If you have dry hair, it is more likely to become damaged if you don’t use the right products for it. If you have greasy hair, the “for damaged hair” products can stop it from going that way but then you end up with excess oils. You’ll also need to consider the thickness because that will affect it.

Add the Extra Oils Where Necessary

woman-hair-oil-salonIf you have dry or thick hair, make sure you add the extra oils in. Use hair oil that you can massage into the scalp. This is beneficial for oily hair too, but you’ll want to do it overnight so you can wash it out in the morning.

The extra oils will nourish the whole hair, instead of running the risk of it not getting to the tips. They also promote more oils being produced by the scalp.

Don’t Wash It Too Much

Watch out for washing your hair too much. It’s tempting to wash it daily. You think that conditioning dry hair will really help or washing the oils out of greasy hair is good.

However, this is leading to more damage. The oils need time to work through the hair. And washing it too often will upset the balance and production of the oils. Limit it to every other day if you really have to.

Stop Dyeing It

If you regularly colour your hair, it is time to stop. That’s especially the case if you use the permanent chemical solutions. Look out for non-permanent henna treatments.

There are colouring options that will protect and nourish your hair. If you really want a permanent treatment, look for those that are made from mainly natural ingredients to try to prevent the damage.

Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

hair-conditioner-riverRemember you want to encourage the oils to come through to protect the hair. Deep conditioning treatments do that.

If you’re in a rush, consider the leave-in conditioners for the day and wash them out at the end of the night. However, deep conditioners will work over the series of days to protect your hair.

Ditch the Heat

Don’t blow dry your hair after washing it and stop using the straightening irons. These are damaging your hair considerably. Let your hair dry naturally and accept the slight curls.

If you really want to use the heated items, get some heat protection spray. This needs to be applied before you start using any type of heat, every time you use them. Also, when you’re drying your hair, don’t bother with the towel.

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