The Best Hair Color For You

You hate the color of your hair, and you are always thinking about going for another shade other than the one you were born with. Many women dye their hair any color they want, but sometimes the color they choose is not the most flattering to their skin tone.

You want a new hair color, but you do not want your hair color to be so fake looking that everyone can instantly tell that you were not born with that color. There are ways that you can find the best hair color for your skin tone, and here are some tips on choosing the best and most flattering color for you.

The first thing that should come into your mind when you are in the hair color aisle is what your own natural skin tone is. If you are a woman that has olive skin, you are going to want to stick to the darker colors. If your skin tone is more yellowish, than something that is red is going to look best on you. If you happen to have pale skin, than any color will be just fine.

Another thing that may come to your mind is the color you look best in. Typically, women will know what color they wear most often because it looks good on them, and that is going to help you find the best your best hair color as well. If red, yellow, or gold are the colors you look best in, than you want to choose a hair color like blond, or a reddish blond, which is also known as strawberry blond.

If you look good in dark colors like purple, blue, or green, then you are going to look good in brighter hair colors like platinum blond, dark brown, or black hair. If the colors in your wardrobe are more neutral like grey or beige, than you are going to want a lighter brown color or golden brown that has blond in it.

Another important determination of your best hair color is the shade of your eyes. Women who have brown eyes look much more natural if they a hair color that has yellow undertones because it is going to make their dark eyes stand out more. People who have light colored eye’s like blue or green often look very good as blonds because the light color in the hair is going to make their own eyes look even lighter.

Your genetics will determine your hair color before you are born, but this does not mean that you have to keep that color forever. There are many different hair colors that are available, but you want to be sure that whatever you change your hair to is going to look both good and natural.

The factors that will determine the best hair color for you is your skin tone, your eye color, and the color of clothes you like to wear. Once you pick the right color, all you need to do is go to a salon, and before you know it you have a new hair color, and you will smile whenever you look in a mirror.

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