You Need to Follow These Beauty Tips!

There are certain beauty tips that people get away with avoiding. Many depend on shape and type of skin, as well as any conditions that a person may suffer from. However, there are certain beauty tips that are universal. You shouldn’t skip over these next tips, and use them every time you decide to apply your makeup.

Curl Your Eyelashes First

You’re just about to put on the mascara, but stop right there. The mascara will make your eyelashes look thicker, but it won’t help them curl just right.

You need to use the curler first of all. Do this before you use your mascara, because the mascara will help the curls stick just right. Think of it like using hairspray after you’ve curled your hair.


Do the Eye Shadow Before Anything Else

Don’t you hate it when applying eye shadow that bits get all over your cheeks? Now, you could use a tissue to place underneath your eyes so you don’t mess up the rest of your makeup, but why not make it easier for yourself?

Do the eye shadow before any other part of your makeup, and yes that includes the foundation! You see, you don’t need to put a base on your eyelids, so it doesn’t really matter when it’s applied. Doing it first means you can wipe away the mess on your cheeks without ruining the previous work.

Use Foundation Instead of Concealer

Now, you’ll raise your eyebrows at first, but think of it this way. Your foundation can work just as well as the concealer. The difference is your foundation is much easier to blend in with the colour already on your face than trying to use concealer over the top.

Put a bit of foundation directly on your finger and use it over the problem areas that you want to cover up. This also helps to control the amount you use, so you don’t end up making the problem area look worse.


Use Olive Oil for Your Nails

Your nails need looking after, whether you use varnish or not. It’s so important to keep them moisture to avoid them looking hard and feeling rough. Olive oil is the best thing.

Not only is it natural, but it is also more affordable than special nail oils that you can buy over the counter. It can also help to strengthen your nails.

Deep Conditioners for Your Hair

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, now and then you will benefit from a deep conditioning treatment. You don’t need to spend a fortune on them.

In fact, there are a lot of natural options available. Make sure you have a shower cap and do it over night if you have oily hair. You can wash your hair the next morning to avoid looking like you could deep-fry chips!

Use Eyeliner First

Don’t try to put the eyeliner on over the top of your eye shadow. It will make the latter smudge.

Place a line of eyeliner on your eyes and then the shadow over the top. Even if you get it right over the top, there is still going to be the darker line to make your eyes stand out.

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