Making Your Green Eyes Look Even Better With the Right Makeup

Only a few people in the world have green eyes. For the most part people are blessed with blue, hazel, and brown eyes. The fun part about green eyes is they stand out all on their own, but a few helpful tips could have green eyes really pop.

Learning How To Properly Apply Your Eye Shadow

Reading a lot of fashion magazines and learning what colors look great with green eyes is just not enough.

You will need to take a look on different sites to view the tutorials on how to apply your colors the right way.


Using Two or More Colors for Eye Shadows

Having green eyes is great because they already stand out, but learning how to make them stand out more, with the help of eye shadow or other makeup, will make all the difference.

Using two or more eye shadow colors adds texture to your lids, but this look can be difficult to pull off. You will need to choose contrasting colors that compliment your green eyes.

Shades That Go With Green Eyes and Skin Tones

There are many different colors and tones that go well with green eyes, but the trick is to also make your eye shadow go with your skin tone.

For the most part any eye shadow will go well with beautiful green eyes, but you can really make them look that much better by matching shadows with your skin tone.


The Natural Colors

People with green eyes should consider themselves lucky as many colors will look great on them and will bring out their eyes as the focal point.

Browns and other more natural colors are considered the best for people with green eyes.

Try looking for bronze colors. These can be a flat color for the day or a more metallic color for the evening hours.

For a More Dramatic Look

If you are looking for a more dramatic look, plum colors will look great when paired with a Champagne color.

To make your green eyes pop, try applying the natural color to the inner lids and then gradually changing the color to the plumb color on the outer lids.


The Sexy Smokey Eye

There is no better look than the correctly executed sexy smoky eye that all girls seem to really want.

You will be the center of attention if you successfully apply the smoky eyes shadow to draw attention to your beautiful jaw dropping green eyes.

Often times women will mix the charcoal color with a more neutral color to really make the green in their eyes stand out.

The Green Shades

It is a common misconception that people with green eyes should not wear green eye shadow, but this is just not true.

Green eye shadow can really make your green eyes sparkle, but only if you choose the right shade of green. The best shades are hunter green or any of the olive green colors.

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