Fun Nail Art Trends to Try at Home

Nail art will make your fingers stand out. You can use a thin brush for delicate patterns or it can involve templates and stencils. When you’re running out of ideas, here are some great and fun trends to try out. A little practise and they’ll be perfect.

The Metallic Style

Metallic nails are extremely popular in 2013. Give it a try yourself without having to spend too much. There’s no need for nail polish, so no mess. All you need is a flexible polymer.

This is then applied to the nail while hot and takes the shape of your fingernails—or toenails if you want to try it there. You’ll instantly get an attractive and stand out look that everyone wants.



Get the Caviar Look

The caviar nail art will make your nails look like they’ve had lots of tiny candy balls attached to them but it’s super fun. This takes some time to get right and you will need patience but it’s all worth it in the end.

You will need to buy some tiny beads that are then stuck to the nail polish after application. You can stick as many or as few as you like.


Furry Nails for a Softer Look

If you want to make your nails look soft and gently, you could make them furry. This is often done with crushed velvet but anything similar will work.

Like the beads for the caviar look, you’ll need to apply some nail polish and place the crushed velvet on while it is still wet.

It is then your choice as to whether you cover the whole nail or just part of it—and whether the velvet and polish are the same colours.



The Diagonal Glitter Look

Go half and half with the diagonal glitter look. One half of your nail will need to remain plain—just try a glossy cover—and then the other half you just need to use glitter nail polish in your favourite colour.

It’s really simple and takes just a few minutes to finish. You’ll just need to wait for your nails to dry then.


Fun with Polka Dots

Do a French manicure with a twist. Instead of doing it pink with white tips, consider leaving your nails a natural colour and have pink tips.

From there, you can add black and white dots over your nails. Of course, you can do this with any colour to suit your outfit and style.



Zebra Nail Tips

If you’re handy with a nail art brush or you have someone to help, why not try the zebra nail tips?

These are a fun way to spruce up your French manicure. You just need to add a few black stripes to your white tips to perfect the look.


Turn Your Nails into Converse

For those who love artistic challenges, try the converse nails. These are great in different colours and aren’t the hardest of nail art to do. It just takes some practise.

You’ll need to round your nails so they really look like a pair of converse.


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