How to Keep Your Nails Strong

Strong nails are important. Not only do they look good, they help to keep the nail polish on longer. You will also feel better about the state of your hands, because the good nails will take the emphasis away from any dry skin. Here are some tips to keep your nails strong and perfect.

Moisturise Daily

Your nails need moisture. When they dry out, they become brittle and are more likely to snap in awful ways. That leads to sharp points, sore fingers and infected nails.

Moisturising cream is something you need to use on a daily basis, and make sure you apply it within the nails. Push back the cuticles to help it soak right in.

Don’t Soak for Too Long

When washing your hands, try to keep your nails away from the water for long periods of time. This is more of a problem when you’re doing the washing up or something else that involves tens of minutes in the water.

Invest in a pair of rubber gloves and use them whenever your hands are going to be in water for too long.

Use Nail Strengthening Polish

You can buy polish that is specifically designed to strengthen the nails. Look out for the different options available. They usually come in clear colours that you apply to the base before using any other nail polish.

The problem is they can stop the polish from sticking to the nails, which causes more chipping. It may be best just to use the strengthening polish when you’re keeping your nails bare.

Limit the Nail Polish Use

Try to limit the amount of nail polish you use. The chemicals within the polishes can do more damage to your nails than you expected. Instead, opt for a few nails of natural nails with the nail strengthening polishes.

Keeping your nails bare will also help them get the air they need to remain strong and look good.

Watch Out for the Remover

When you wear nail varnish, you need to remove it. Don’t chip the polish off. Remover is the best option, but watch out for all the chemicals.

Try to limit the amount that you use by just putting a few drops on a cotton wool pad. Stick with the same colour polish for about a week and then remove it.

Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is causing more damage than painful fingers. The saliva is getting into your nails and weakening them.

You’ll also pull them at odd angles and that can cause problems when growing back. If this is a nervous habit, find ways of getting out of it.

Think Twice About the Acrylics

Would you like long, fabulous looking nails for your wedding? Think twice about getting those acrylics. They weaken the nails considerably, and it takes months to get them back to the state they were in beforehand.

There are plenty of press-on fake nails that come with different styles, which are perfect for your one-night events.

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