6 Great Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

You’re snowed in. Getting to work is impossible and the furthest you can get is your back garden; if you’re lucky. It may seem like the whole day is wasted, but there are so many great things that you can do right now. Here are six things that you can do when you’re snowed in.

Play Board Games With the Family

You’re all in the house together, so use it to your advantage. Have some fun family time with board games. You likely have some of your old favourites that you’ve forgotten about around the house, and some that you’ve never even gotten out of the box yet. If you don’t have any in the house, use the internet to find one or create your own family board game.

Make Some Crafts

Create creative with the craft box. There are a lot of great ideas on the internet, but you could just think about some of the items that you can make and have fun.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of things in your home that can be used for this. Some of the things include plastic cutlery and coloured straws. Use Pinterest if you’re really stuck for ideas.

Watch Your Favourite Movies

Got a movie that you love to watch? Why not put it on while you’re stuck in the house? Maybe you have movies that you haven’t watched yet and have been waiting for a chance to catch them. If you still have an internet connection, you could even stream some movies.

There are plenty of places to watch them for a small amount of money. Grab the duvets, make some hot chocolate and snuggle up with each other on the couch.

Recreate Your Old Photos

Do you have some funny photos in the collection? They could be of your grown up children when they were babies, or even ones that you’ve done that are quite embarrassing

. This is a great chance to recreate them and have a laugh as you’ve all gotten older. Some of them can be tricky if they were out, so choose the ones that were taken in the home. They’ll be great to share with family the next time they’re over.

Try Baking Something New

Get the baking items out and try something new. This can be tricky if you don’t have much in the house, but chances are you have something for at least making cookies or muffins.

Be adventurous and try out odd concoctions. You never know how they’re going to turn out.

Turn the Music Up

Go on and turn that music up—not too loud to annoy your neighbours, of course! Once it’s turned up, get up and dance around. You can have a lot of fun doing this.

Get everyone together and have a dancing competition or put on a show for each other. You’ll be surprised at the moves that you can all do and the fun you’ll have at the same time.

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