Tips to Become More Productive in Your Life

Productivity is something that many women struggle with. Some struggle with getting on with their work while others just find it hard to get things done around the house. Being more productive will help you feel better in yourself and accomplish more. You’ll improve your chances of finding love and getting a promotion. Here are some simple tips to become more productive in your life.

Give Yourself a Break

Your body needs a break every now and then. That’s not an excuse to sit and do nothing for a whole day but it does mean that you get a five minute break every now and then. Walk away from your desk and make a cup of coffee or take some time to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.



Don’t Push Yourself to Do More

Taking on more work doesn’t mean that you’ll be more productive. You run the risk of burning yourself out and procrastinating more so that it takes longer. Take on smaller pieces of work each day and work hard on them. You will find that you complete them to a better standard, which is especially beneficial in the workplace.

Create a To Do List

List all the things that you want to get done during the day. This gives you the chance to see just how much you want to do and how you will be best spacing out your time. Try not to take on too much and spread it into the next day if you need to. If someone comes up to you during the day with more work, you can show them your list and explain it has to wait.


Turn Your Phone Off!

Every now and then, turn the phone off. This will stop people from calling you during your day and distracting you from the work that you need to do. If you don’t need the computer, turn that off too or at least disconnect the internet.

Shut the Door

Similarly to turning the phone off, keep your door closed. This tells people that you are busy or hard at work and don’t want to be disturbed. It also stops you hearing all the commotion happening in the office or hallway, which makes you want to join in with the fun or conversation.


Make Your Environment Perfect for You

If you’re working in an office, turn it into an environment that works for you. Place your pens where you can reach and have things to motivate you through the day. If you’re trying to be more productive in the home, create it into somewhere that helps you get through your day. Opt for colours that are more your style and layout the rooms so they appeal to your needs.

sleepyDon’t Do Anything Late at Night

Opt for an earlier bedtime. This will help your body get all the sleep it needs and you can get up earlier in the morning if you need to. This also allows you to spend time with the family, unwind and get ready for the next day so you’re more productive.

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