Items that Every Woman Has to Carry In Her Purse

Women have to carry purses because they contain important items like their wallet, their sunglasses, and maybe even a snack or two. However, there are some items that a woman has to carry with them because it is a necessity. Here are 7 items that every woman should have in their purse.

Hand Sanitizer:

There are many germs in the world, and they can end up on the hands, and then transferred to other places.

There are purse size hand sanitizers that will come in handy for killing germs, especially after using a public restroom, touching a shopping cart, or even getting money from an ATM machine.

A drop on the hands can kill germs instantly, and keep those germs from making anyone sick.

Travel Size Sewing kit:

The world is an imperfect place, and sometimes buttons fall off, or hemlines can get ripped.

To make a quick repair job, a woman should carry a small sewing kit in her purse.

Pain reliever:

Sometimes a headache can hit at the worst possible times. Instead of walking around in pain, which can really put a damper on the day, a woman can carry a pill holder with some pain reliever in it.

There are also travel size bottles of pain reliever that will fit nicely into any size handbag.

Notepad and pen:

To make a quick note about something, or to copy down a phone number, a small notepad and pen can be very useful.

There are small notebooks available, and even some that are quite fashionable that come in a small metal case with a small pen tucked inside of it.

Matches or a lighter:

There may be a situation where someone needs to light something like birthday candles.

Many people feel that only smokers should carry lighters and matches, but the fact is that the ability to make fire can come in handy for a lot of different things.


Cash is not something many people carry with them in this day and age because of things like gift cards and debit cards.

However, there are some places that do prefer cash only because of high fees associated with credit cards and debit cards.

A woman dos not have to carry a huge wad of money, but at least 20 dollars in cash is a good idea.

Tampons and pads:

During that time of the month, it is always a good idea to carry around extra protection.

A small makeup bag can be used to carry tampons and pads in a discreet manner instead of a woman reaching into her purse, taking something out, and tampons and pads come flying out, which can be really embarrassing.

A woman needs to carry certain items in her purse because they can come in handy if there was ever a situation that called for replacing a button, making a note, or relieving a headache.

Some women carry huge purses that have everything in them, but the truth is that a woman only needs to carry 7 items that can prepare her for pretty much any situation.

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