7 Great Alternative Uses for Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great ingredient to keep at home. Not only does it make a great cooking ingredient, thanks to its great taste and high content of oleic acid, which is a healthy monounsaturated fat that has great benefits to your heart health, but it also has many great uses for your skin, hair or even around the house.

Skin Moisturizer and lip balm

Olive oil makes such a great moisturizer and thanks to is natural characteristics it is very gentle on the skin and can be used on any type of skin.

Rub olive oil on dry areas of your body such as elbows, knees and feet to soften them.

You can also mix olive oil with beeswax in equal ratios and make your own lip balm. You can also add it to your bath water and see how well it softens your skin.


Make up and shaving

Gently dab olive oil on your face to remove your make up and wipe with a wet towel. It also makes a great aftershave to keep the skin soft and smooth.

It enriches your skin and keeps it moisturized, unlike other products that might cause it to dry.


Olive oil makes a great hair tonic, and is great to treat lice. Comb the oil through dry hair before you wash it to tone it.

For treating lice, leave it on for 40 minutes before shampooing twice.



Olive oil makes a great moisturizer to your cuticles, by simply applying a little bit on each nail.

To preserve your nails, make olive oil with water and soak your hands in it before you a manicure. It moisturizes the nails and helps keep it in good shape.


Adding olive oil to your cat or dog’s food helps them grow a nicer, shiner coat and will prevent hairballs.

Furthermore, olive oil makes a great moisturizer and treatment for chapped paws, especially for dogs walking on the sidewalks in the summer heat. It is also a great treatment the irritation caused by fleas and dry skins.



Olive oil makes a great wood polisher, especially for furniture. You can add some vinegar or lemon juice and clean it this way.

It also makes a great polisher for leather products to shine your shoes and protect them. Simply, put some olive oil on a clean sponge or a towel and gently rub it and allow it to dry.

It can also be a great agent to shine stainless steel, especially for pans and pots and kitchen item.

Lubricant and Tools Protector

It is great to use for lubricating and protecting metal. You can use it on anything from gardening tools to kitchen knives and other useful tools around the house.

Make sure the items are cleaned first then rub the tools with olive oil. It can also be used to lubricate hinges and prevent them from squeaking where on doors, bicycle chains and other items.

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