Dress for the Workplace with These Tips

Whether you’re starting a new job or going back to work after time off, dressing for the workplace can be a nervous step. Do you wear your best suit or should you opt for the more casual approach? You want to look just right to be able to blend in with others but still look professional and ready to work. Here are some tips for getting your outfit just right for the workplace.

What Type of Dress Code Does the Place Have?

Before you even start searching, find out more about the dress code. Most offices will expect smart casual, while others want smart only clothes.

This will depend on the type of work that you are doing.

For example, lawyers are expected to dress as lawyers while call centre staff get away with dressing down a little.

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Is There a Special Event?

Is there a special even for the first day back? Are you expected to go in fancy dress or do you have regular dress down days?

Find out before you turn up. If you are starting a new job, you can always give the office a call and explain that you’re starting and want to know the dress code.

Some companies opt for dress down on Friday as a way to get ready for the weekend.

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Smart Trousers Tend to be the Way Forward

You can never go wrong with a pair of smart trousers.

These don’t have to be suit trousers – unless the office is smart and not smart casual! You also don’t have to choose a dark colour.

You could have a very smart pair of white, cream or beige trousers. Make sure they are ironed and the hem is sewn properly.

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Opt for a Blouse if in Doubt

When you can’t get hold of the office, always opt for a blouse on the first day.

This doesn’t need to be tucked into your trousers, depending on the type of blouse that it is.

Lighter, neutral colours usually work better or you could opt for slight pinstripes if you’re wearing plain trousers or skirt.

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Make Sure the Skirt Touches the Knee

If you choose a skirt or dress for the first day, make sure it touches your knee; or no more than a couple of inches above.

Anything higher than this is unprofessional and will make you the reason for the office gossip.

Just below or calf length are excellent options. Longer ones tend to be too casual though!

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Wear Tights with a Skirt

Always have a pair of tights on with your skirt. They offer a more professional and modest look.

Tanned coloured or barely black are the two more common options when it comes to tights.

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Get Everything Ready the Night Before

You don’t want to be running around on the first morning. Get all your clothes out the night before and iron everything.

That way you can just grab and put on and concentrate on the other, more important things.

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