A Look At Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

We are now safely moving out of the summer season with the middle of August approaching—and right into the beginnings of the early fall season. With this, comes one of the most exciting fashion seasons of the year: the fall fashion season.

Fall fashion is something that a lot of people enjoy, especially since the cooler weather lets people wear a lot of comfortable clothing. Thanks to this, plenty of fall lovers rejoice when the fall season approaches. It’s the time of year when people return to regular work and school—for a chance to wear some of the hottest fashion trends defining the season itself.

A word about Fall 2013’s fashion trends

The fall of 2013 is no stranger to a good trend. In fact, many eager fashion bloggers and experts are already going ‘bananas’ over the newly revealed Fall fashions for the season. Naturally, we’re going to take a look at them.

Fashion, as a field of art, is always borrowing things from the past, updating them enough for use in the present. As a result, this produces some of the most innovative and fashionable garments to hit the market.

Colors, garment types and even the fit derived from the hottest fashion shows of the year eventually set the tone for the rest of the fashion world. This tone goes right down to designers who design for retail, where those same inspired fashions hit the consumer market.

Of course, no one’s going to have the money to actually buy the original designs—though, the main thing to take from the originals is the tone. As mentioned, such garments merely set the stage for what you can actually buy. So, let’s actually take a look at the trends themselves!

Looking at Fall 2013 fashion trends – the quick list

For Fall 2013, and subsequently Winter 2013, three key themes are expected to essentially define the tone for the season. According to global trend forecasting agency MPDClick, those themes are: Wanderlust, Reflective and Expression.

Wanderlust combines fascination with a lust for adventure. To reflect that, the fashions exploring this Fall theme utilize outdoorsy motifs alongside traditional and modern fashion styles.

Colors? Grounded colors like slate gray, tawny brown and deep blues. Some include plaid associated colors like rustic reds and fennel greens.

Designs? Outdoorsy-inspired pieces like Fair Isle knits, earthy floral prints and graphic prints with an outdoors motif.

Reflective is a reflection upon nostalgia and contemporary minded futures, featuring fashions combining a Soviet-inspired style, folk motifs and a little bit of branded sportswear in between.

Colors? Muted tones with bright color accents. Bright golds and intense turquoises are expected to dominate and accent.

Designs? Folksy floral prints that are bright—but have a thorny and hard edge.

Expression this Fall features the cumulative reaction of combining true expressive freedom with motifs from our urbanized environment—with a rather self-aware take.

Colors? Unusual, expressive artistic color combinations—vivid blues, violets and fluorescent yellows.

Designs? Juxtapositions of pastel and fluorescent colors. Painterly looking prints, patterns with slipshod brushstrokes and luminescent tones.

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