Standing Out in an Interview

Are you getting ready for an interview? Are you really sure what is appropriate and what is not appropriate? You most likely want to stand out when you get there because you want the job. So, it is always best to know what is acceptable and what should be avoided.

It is always a good idea to make sure that you are traveling to the location of the interview the day before. This is necessary to ensure that you are not going to be late. You will know how to get there and how long it is going to take you to arrive. This is a must if you really do not know how to get to the location of the interview.

Always arrive early

This shows your potential employer that you are dedicated and that you are also responsible.

It is often recommended that you get their roughly ten minutes early and check in with the receptionist so that they know you are there.


Make sure that you are taking your portfolio and your resume with you

Now, you may assume that they already have it but that does not mean that they do. It is also a good idea to have a list of references with you and ready to give to the employer as well.

If they ask for them you should have them ready to go. It is not wise to make them wait for this type of information. They may just go with the next interviewer because they are prepared.

Never smoke before an interview

Even if you are not able to smell it the potential employer will be able to. This is not a good first impression. You should not plan to chew gum in order to cover up this smell either.

No potential employer wants to watch you chew gum doing the interview. It is bad manners and should be avoided. You can eat a mint before the interview starts but that is it.


Try to find out who is interviewing you before you arrive

This is necessary because you will want to greet the person by name. Always look them in the eye and shake their hand. Be firm with this hand shake.

When the introductions are over you should not sit down until you are told to do so. If you are able to wait on the interviewer to sit first then this is what you should do.

job-interview Keep your energy level high

And show the person that you are interested in what they have to say. Try to have a list of questions ready to go about the company and the position before the interview.

This shows them that you have been thinking about it and you do have an interest in what you are going to be doing.

Finally, never state negative things about your past employer. Even if the interviewer states something negative about them you should not feed into this. It could be a test to see if you are loyal. You will only make yourself look bad if you do.

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