Preparing for Fall 2013 – Top 7 Fashion Trends for the Autumn Weather

Every year during Fashion Week, the biggest cites in the world have a runway show to present the fashions for the upcoming season. Fashion Week takes place in cities like Rome, Paris, New York, and Milan. Here is more information on the latest trends for the fall season that was showcased in these major fashion cities.

Pretty in pink:

This fall, the fashion trend is to wear something in pink. Though pink is typically thought to be a spring color, the pink for the fall is not robust in any way.

The shade of pink fit for the fall is a light shade that is so washed out it is almost a light grey color.


Oversized sweaters:

For fall 2013, every woman who works in an office is going to dazzle everyone with oversized sweaters.

The bigger and baggier the sweater is, the hotter the fashion trend.

A woman should wear the big sweater with a slim skirt, and the contrast between the baggy and tight will really turn heads in the office.


Shiny material:

A long shiny satin or vinyl skirt is going to be what every woman will be wearing this fall.

However, the look is to wear a plain top, like a plain white t-shirt or an oversized sweater, with the shiny skirt.



Leather never goes out of style, and some of the best clothing items are made from it.

Clothes that were made of leather from decades ago are coming back into style. The leather dresses from the 1970s are back and in a big way.

The fashion trend for fall 2013 is to wear dresses made of leather in any color, but accentuated with a pair of equally fabulous high heel shoes.


Animal print:

Animal print never seems to go out of style, and anything and everything is made from popular prints like zebra and cheetah.

However, this fall, the two big animal print designs that are going to be hot to wear are giraffe and leopard. During Fashion Week, the models strutting their stuff on the catwalk where wearing zip up ankle boots in a tan giraffe pattern.

Animal prints will go with anything, whether it is a pair of skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt with an oversized sweater.


Winter colors with floral print:

For winter, some famous designers have decided to mix bright floral patterns with dark colors.

The contrast between the bright color and the dark colors like black and dark purple were one of the big hits during Fashion Week that really put a new twist on dressing for the winter months.


Dress like a man:

One of the newest trends for the fall is to wear clothes that are tailored to look more like they belong on a man.

The long look of the tailored pants and blazers are going to really accentuate a tall woman’s body.

To complete the look of a man, a woman can wear a plain white or gray shirt to go along with her man-style blazer and pants.

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