7 Tips for Buying Underwear for Your Figure

It doesn’t matter what size you are, underwear can look good. Like clothes, you need to think about your size, shape and figure before you opt for anything. This will help you show off your curves, support your bust and create a waistline that you love. Here are some tips for buying underwear for your figure.

Make Sure They Fit

Don’t force yourself into a smaller size. Not only is this uncomfortable but it looks hideous. When you buy underwear, the number one tip is to make sure that it fits. Look around if you can’t find the size that you need. It can mean thinking about different styles though while doing this. There are restrictions on trying on underwear, but most stores will allow you to do it over the top of your current ones you’re wearing.

Make Sure the Material Is Comfortable

There’s no point having a pair with lacy detail that irritates you all the time. You’re not going to want to wear them! Think about the material and make sure it is comfortable on your skin. Cotton or silk are the best two options, but you also need to think about accessories that go with them, like sequins or diamantes that stick on them.

Choose a Style that Suits You

There are different styles of underwear, especially when it comes to knickers. Do you buy the g-string or should you opt for those boy knickers? This depends on your shape. If you have curves, you will want something that flatter them. Lacy French style knickers are a great option for many women with curves, especially when bought in the right style.

Get Professionally Measured

When it comes to bras, make sure you get yourself measured. Most stores will be able to do something like this, and some for free if you agree to buying one of their items afterwards. Getting professionally measured will give you the chance to try different styles and make sure the chest and cup size fit well. You can also get the genuine opinion of the person doing the measuring.

Choose a Flattering Colour

Sometimes it is all about the colour. You need something that works with your shape and black is not always the answer! It’s worth thinking about your complexion too. Try a few colours that you think will work to show off your curves.

Try a Push Up Bra

If you’ve got a small chest area, it will be hard to see your waist. Try a bra that is going to add something at the top, like a push up or padded one. There are also those that tighten at the front, similar to the original Wonder Bras.

Don’t Always Trust the Lighting

The store lighting isn’t flattering. It doesn’t makes sense why they don’t try to make you look good, but it’s something worth thinking about. Just because a colour doesn’t look so great right now doesn’t mean it won’t at home.

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