The Clothing Styles that Men Don’t Like

Whether you are going out on a date or just relaxing with a loved one, there are some styles of clothes that you may love by men hate! That doesn’t mean you have to change your whole fashion tastes and preferences; just make sure you are aware when it comes to trying out something new.

Shapeless Clothes like Dungarees and Jumpsuits

Men want to see your figure. They don’t care what shape you are, as long as they can see that you are feminine!

The only time you need to wear jumpsuits, dungarees or other baggy clothes is when you are doing the DIY work, at the gym or the first couple of weeks after having a baby. Ditch them and start wearing clothes that make you look and feel like a woman.

Knee-High and Over the Knee Socks

Stockings are fine – in fact, they look great—but socks that go over the knees or are just knee-high are a big no-no.

Not only do they cover up your legs, they may you look childish. Men want to be with women and not feel like they are dating someone years younger than them.

Uggs Boots and Gladiator Style Shoes

You may think that your Ugg boots are comfortable but men see them as a fashion no-no. The same applies to gladiator style shoes. The problem is that they cover your legs and men want to see them!

Show off your femininity. Of course, if you are wearing something over the Ugg boots and shoes then you could get away with them but then what’s the point in having them?

Get Rid of the Tassels

There is a problem here since the detail can help balance your shape but tassels are something that put men off. It all depends on how much you use them.

The odd fringe on your jacket or a dress is fine but avoid overusing the detail. Don’t mix too many different types of detail to your whole outfit either.

Excessively Large Sunglasses

Want to hide the hangover look from the night before? Big sunglasses are a turn off for men. They want to be able to see your face and no feel like they are out with a diva.

Men want to be able to see your eyes and your smile so opt for the smaller options when you want to block out the sun. As soon as you get indoors, take your sunglasses off and let him see your beautiful eyes.

The Furry Look

Think you look great with big furry boots and a furry shawl? Men don’t think so.

They don’t want to see all that detail. Go for a simple and stylish look.

So, What Do Men Want?

Men love the simple dresses and clothes. They love to see clothes that show off your personality, figure and style.

When it comes to accessories, keep them as low-key as possible and allow your personality to shine through when talking to them.

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