Surprising Things That Can Age You

Getting older and aging is a fact of life that we have to come to terms with. However, when you’re 25 you shouldn’t look or feel like you’re 50 and believe it or not there are lots of things out there that can age you without you realizing it. With a few simple ideas on what may cause you to age, you can better arm yourself and fight the aging fast!

The Pillowcase

Now, I have to admit, this is one that is definitely surprising to me. We all know that getting sleep every night is necessary to help you stay healthy but did you know that your pillowcase can pull moisture away from the body?

Because of this you could look like you’re aging before your time. So, what’s the solution to this nearly impossible problem? Buying silk pillowcases can help fight the wrinkles and the loss of moisture.



Yikes! This one is horrible consider the fact that most women love to smile! The smile is the first thing you see when you’re meeting someone for the first time and the fact that smiling alone can cause you to age is stunning.

Fine lines and wrinkles can form on the face when you smile often or even squint or make other strange facial features.

Central Heating and Air

Dry skin brought on by central air can speed up the aging process. You may be roasting in the summertime but is it worth the wrinkles?

Personally I think it is but many of us feel it’s necessary to sweat it out and fight the signs of aging.


Drinking Liquids Through Bottles and Straws

Repeated motions of the muscles can cause wrinkles so when you pucker up your lips to drink from a bottle or through a straw you may want to think twice.

It may take quite some time to cause this problem but overtime depending on how frequently you use a straw or drink from water bottles you could be setting the stage for those pesky wrinkles and fine lines.


Excess sugar can create various health problems and wrinkles and early signs of aging are one of them. If you’re eating a lot of sugar currently you should replace them with low-glycemic carbohydrates such as foods packed with whole grains.

The body will process these new substances a lot slower which in turn will limit the amount of collagen that’s removed from the body.



Many of us women love our TV but it can be what’s causing you to look 20 years older than you really are.

Those who watch nearly six or more hours of television on a daily basis live shorter lives than those who don’t according to a study done in 2011. That’s something to ponder when the next episode of Days of Our Lives comes on!


This is one that’s fairly common but stress can cause you to age.

You should leave work at work and try to cope with your daily personal lives the best that you can and try to de-stress each day by doing some form of exercise or meditation because your skin depends on it.

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