The When Where and How of Cleavage

It’s not a nasty word nor is it deplorable; it’s actually a fun sexy word; cleavage. Showing to much at the wrong time or too little at the right time can result in the same consequence.

There is a time and place for everything and there is a time and place to show a little boobage. The word cleavage has a few different meanings but for this purpose it is defined as the space between women’s breast s lying over the sternum.

Date night is the perfect time to display a lot of cleavage; whether you are looking for some action or not. Men deem cleavage as sexy and sensual, and women who are not afraid of their bodies take advantage of every asset in their arsenal to woo their male counterparts.

Displaying your cleavage does not have to be done in an indecent or vile manner. Let’s face it; no one likes to see a dowdy frumpily dressed woman in any environment! Talking about any part of the anatomy is usually deemed as taboo and is frowned upon when placed in the public’s domain.

It’s quite acceptable to show a little skin in your outings but in the working environment it’s strictly a no no; of course depending on your profession. Certain business establishments encourage their female staff to show a little ‘skin’ to entice customers to purchase the goods or services on offer. Cleavage has been on display for years especially the women between the Renaissance period and 19th century, and was more widely acceptable then than it is today.

Cleavage can be enhanced by the wearing of bras or corsets, that push the breast upwards or by breast augmentation surgeries. It’s more expensive to go under the knife than to buy a really well fitting bra.

Brassiere manufactures capitalised on this trend offering a range of sizes and styles to assist women of all ages, classes and ethnicities to proudly display their cleavage. In magazines, on posters and for marketing purposes the cleavage of the models are usually digitally enhanced to capture audiences and demonstrate the effects of the cleavage enhancing bra.

After the corset had become obsolete and the padded bra was introduced the sales of these cleavage enhancing items doubled in the first year alone.

So there is a lot that can be said for the power of cleavage; the men want to see it and the women want to have it. In a world where a woman is sometimes measured by her assets it helps to have a bra or two on your side. Don’t be fooled, you can scream from the top of your voice about women being objectified but the truth of the matter is that sex and sexuality sells.

From cars back down to soda; the more cleavage is on display the more enticing the product becomes. So undo some buttons, put on your padded bra and let some if it hang out. Make a note of the change in the opposite sex behaviour towards you.

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