5 Foods Against High Blood Pressure

Optimal blood pressure is essential as a basis for a healthy cardiovascular system. Regular monitoring an daily exercise are important to lower or prevent high blood pressure, but proper diet plays a main role as well. Here are 5 amazing foods to help you!


Love it or hate it, but you can make spinach tastier than you tried it in the cafeteria.

If you aren’t a fan of the delicious garlic version, you can still go back and try the fresh spinach leaves with lettuce as a side dish. There is a lot of vitamin C, iron, folic acid and magnesium in this greenie.




It contains only 89 calories per 100 g, but still unpopular among dieters. Absolutely undeservedly, we say.

Bananas are very rich in potassium, which is one of the major nutrients in the reduction of blood pressure. If you don’t like banana on its own, consume with rice milk and cocoa mixed together – it will be your new favorite!


If potassium levels have already been mentioned, we have to talk about plain old potatoes!

The salted and fried version is not the best against cardiovascular problems because of its saturated fat content, as it increases bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure. However, the baked potato is the perfect choice with home-made herb dip.



Low-fat dairy products

Although there are different opinions about milk consuming, dairy products are considered as a part of the healthy diet.

Not just for the lifestyle enthusiasts who love their high protein content to build some muscles and keep their stomach full, but for those who want to lower their blood pressure. The high mineral content makes your veins more relaxed.


Good news for sweet-toothed women! This goodie has outstanding antioxidant and iron content, so helps to overcome the disease, stimulates digestion, and its calcium protects your teeth and bones.

The only thing to pay attention during consumption is the high sugar content – so less is more!



Keep in mind

Apart from an unhealthy diet, inherited factors, high sodium intake, alcohol and caffeine consumption are also held responsible for high blood pressure. If you stop the excessive salting, you’ll have done a lot for your health.

Caffeine-containing beverages are known to increase blood pressure as well, so be careful with your drinks!

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